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The Elizabethville Monument Company will guide you through the selection process.  Helping you find the perfect monument within your budget, and building a last memorial to your loved one.


Slant Markers, Flat Markers, or as some people call them “Grass Markers”, are set flush to the ground.  These granite markers are usually rectangular in shape, though are also available in heart and other shapes. 


Also known as flat bronze markers, flush bronze markers, bronze grave markers, metal markers and cemetery markers. These are popular because unlike upright monuments or markers, they are easy to maintain the surrounding grass.  They also allow the cemetery to maintain a park like setting. 


Memorial benches create a serene and contemplative setting around the final resting place of your loved ones.  Like other monuments, they can be engraved, etched and customized.  They can be used as an alternative for traditional monuments, or they can be placed in conjunction with them.


They become more than just our “best friends”.   Our pets are part of our family. It only makes sense that we want to honor them, just as we do our friends and family.  Their name and image on a granite marker makes us remember them.   Our pet’s marker never fails to make us smile…forever. 


These are containers that are meant to hold the cremated remains of a deceased. Purchasing a cremation urn, however, is not mandatory as the ashes can also be collected in a temporary container or transparent plastic bag provided by the crematory. It is suggested to get an urn and store the cremation ashes in it when planning to place the remains in a niche within a columbarium.


We have served the Lancaster Amish and Mennonite Community with quality conservative monuments for years. He has delivered Headstones to New York, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. To further service the Conservative Communities, we have access for delivery to all locations for our Amish and Mennonite customers nationwide. 


A columbarium is an indoor or outdoor structure with niches in which the urn containing the cremation ashes of the deceased are in. They can be a free standing structure or part of an interior wall of another, such as a church. 

Cremation has become more widely accepted and as a result, is gaining popularity over traditional methods of internment. We can help you with a single cremation urn or construct and install your own columbarium or mausoleum.


We are not limited to designing and installing monuments for the deceased. We also create incredibly long lasting, eye catching commercial monuments for business and industrial purposes. Clean and sophisticated, a granite or metal monument will surpass the performance of other traditional materials. Industrial and public parks, apartment complexes, and  historical sites are just a few examples of those who have benefited from the beauty of a granite or metal commercial monuments we’ve designed.

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