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“Over her tomb, Jacob set up a pillar.  And to this day, that pillar marks the place where Rachel lays” 

Genesis 35:20

Choosing the right Monument Company

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Congratulations, welcome to MonumentCompany.com.  You have already taken the first, correct step in finding the most experienced and respected Stone Masons and Memorial Builders in Pennsylvania.

The Elizabethville Monument Company located at 26 East Broad Street in the small town of Elizabethville Pennsylvania has been quietly crafting memorials for loved ones for more than 70 years.  Today we utilize state-of-the-art technology along with old world craftsmanship to offer our customers amazing artwork and custom designs that were not achievable in previous years. Throughout the centuries stone monuments have served as important records of family genealogy and local history.  They also provide the grieving family with a way to express their love and respect for the deceased. We believe that those who have left us should not be forgotten. In a thousand years, the granite monuments we create will remain as a testament to your lost loved-one, and will provide a valuable link for future generations with their ancestors.

Regardless if cremation or burial is the final arrangement for your loved one, choosing a memorial headstone becomes a priority. The possibilities are endless and can be overwhelming. The Elizabethville Monument Company memorial consultants understand the options and will help guide you through the entire process for choosing the correct monument for your loved one. We are familiar with cemetery criteria for memorials, know which materials work best and will help you choose the best solution and design that will satisfy your heart felt need to honor your loved one.


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